Back in the day Sundays always used to be about self- care. I would spend an afternoon pampering myself; treating myself to lazy long bath soaks, painting my toenails whilst watching a chick flick and just basically having a few slow nurturing hours to myself. It would be my reset button before Monday started and that alarm goes off at 7am! As I got older and life got busier, my self-care Sundays started to fade away and finding a few hours to myself to stop and reset became harder, but then I found the magic of yoga. This started to become my self-care ritual along with the odd pamper session here and there.

I have lived in London for nearly 15 years, and I know how hectic life can be with work commitments, social commitments, family commitments and so on. Self-care goes out of the window, even our yoga practice can become a thing on the to-do list and the busyness of life can leave us feeling frazzled, exhausted and tired. This is why I came up with the concept of Self-Care Sundays, a space where we all meet once a month to hit the reset button and reconnect with ourselves. In this space I will guide you through a nourishing yoga practice, take you through a mindful meditation, give you time to journal, support you and spend time reviewing the month and setting goals for the month ahead.

Here is the best part you would do this in the comfort of your own home. These monthly 90 minute reset sessions will be held on Zoom.

Each month we will have a different focus and theme with a sprinkle of surprises along the way. I am so excited to share this space with you and bring alive my vision of Self-Care Sundays it will be magic.

What can you expect in a 90-minute session?
•  Nurturing Yoga Practice
•  A meditation
•  Time to Journal
•  Time to Set Goals
•  Self-Care Sunday Playlist

£12 for 90 minutes

Where will the Self Care Sundays be held?
Self-care Sundays will be held in the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

How often will self-care Sundays be held?
Once every month we will come today to hit the reset button.

Self Care Sunday: Diving Inwards Candlelight Yin Yoga
31 October 2021, 5 ~ 6.30pm

“Each Yin pose is an opportunity to crawl into ourselves and stay a while”  Sarah Powers

As the nights are drawing in and the clocks go back it’s the season of cosy nights in. This months Self Care Sunday we dive inwards and explore the stillness of Yin yoga. This is where you will find your zen.

In this practice we surrender into the poses and explore them for longer periods of time in order to let go of tensions stored in the body and to calm the nervous system. The longer holds allow us to target deeper connective tissues or fascia, restoring length and elasticity especially around the hips, pelvis and lower spine. This practice gives you the time and space to dive inwards and explore your inner landscape, leaving you feeling a little more balanced and nourished. It’s what Self Care Sundays are made for! To add to the peace of the evening light a candle or two and we are ready for some series ME time!

Self Care Sunday Menu:
• A healing Yin practice to bring harmony to your mind, body and heart
• Candlelit Meditation
• Guided Relaxation

What to bring:
•  Your beautiful self
•  Yoga Mat
• Tea Light Candle
• Pillows (optional)
•  Blanket& Eye Mask (optional)
•  Jim Jams (optional)