Here are some On Demand Classes for you to practice at anytime that suits. Please note they are recordings of a live class and therefore corrections are given to online participants.  The recording will be available for 7 days from purchase.

If you would like to practice with me live please see my class schedule, workshops and retreats.


Air Mandala – Spiritual Heart BOOK HERE

Water Mandala – Flow like State BOOK HERE

Earth Mandala – Steady Steady BOOK HERE

Air Mandala – Travelling Light BOOK HERE

Water Mandala – Evoking your Inner Wisdom BOOK HERE

Fire Mandala – Effort Never goes to Waste BOOK HERE

Earth Mandala – Connecting to Breath BOOK HERE

Water Mandala – Ebb & Flow BOOK HERE

Air Mandala – Heart Opening BOOK HERE

Earth Mandala – Grounding Down BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow *NEW* – Moving with Effort & Ease BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow *NEW* – Flowing into the Hips BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow *NEW* Moving with Vitality BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Loving Kindness BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Moving with Awareness BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Diving Inwards BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Just Flow BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Feel & Tune In BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Journey Inwards BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – New Light Into Your Body BOOK HERE