I teach vinyasa flow and this style of yoga encourages meditation through movement with an emphasis on the synchronisation of motion and breath.

Vinyasa is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body. From the Sanskrit “to place in a special way,” vinyasa aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow.

I sprinkle each class I teach in yoga philosophy to get you to think about life on and off the mat. When we take yoga off the mat and apply its benefits to our daily life, then our yoga journey has really started.

Please note due to the current circumstances all my classes are now on-line. Come join me for live on-line classes, its the perfect way for us to stay connected and flow together.

In terms of payment all classes are donation based and please just donate what you can and if you are not in a position to donate thats fine just drop me an email . I love that we can keep up the practices of yoga so we feel connected to our mind, bodies and hearts.

All classes will be broadcast on Zoom.  Once you book onto a online class I will send you joining instructions on how to access the class etc. Its really simple to use and we get to enjoy the beautiful benefits of yoga in the comfort of our homes.

This Weeks Classes

Friday 5th August

7pm Yin & Yang In Studio Yogahaven Richmond ( 75 mins) BOOK HERE

Sunday 7th August 

10am Mandala Vinyasa Online (60 mins) BOOK HERE

Friday 19th August 

5.30pm Hot Fusion In Studio Yogahaven Richmond (60 mins) BOOK HERE

7pm Yin & Yang In Studio Yogahaven Richmond (75 mins) BOOK HERE

Other Classes

OnDemand Live Classes

I have some On Demand Live Classes for you to practice at anytime that suits. Please note this is a recording of a live class and therefore corrections are given to online participants.  The recording will be available for 7 days from purchase.

*NEW* Air Mandala Spiritual Heart BOOK HERE

*NEW* Earth Mandala Steady Steady BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow Loving Kindness BOOK HERE

Air Mandala Travelling Light BOOK HERE

Water Mandala Evoking your Inner Wisdom BOOK HERE

Fire Mandala Effort Never goes to Waste BOOK HERE

Earth Mandala Connecting to Breath BOOK HERE

Water Mandala Ebb & Flow BOOK HERE

Air Mandala Heart Opening BOOK HERE

Earth Mandala Grounding Down BOOK HERE

Vinyasa – A New Journey Begins BOOk HERE

Vinyasa – Moving with Awareness BOOK HERE

Vinyasa – Diving Inwards BOOK HERE

Fire Mandala – Finding Fire Within BOOK HERE

Air Mandala – Expansion BOOK HERE

Fire Mandala – Finding your Power BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Just Flow BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Feel & Tune In BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Journey Inwards BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – New Light Inyo Your Body BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Limitless Potential BOOK HERE

Rise & Flow – Morning Flow BOOK HERE

Rise & Flow – Rising Slowly  BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Expansion BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Flow – Loosen the Grip BOOK HERE


I am an ambassador for yoga apparel brand; Lululemon Athletica in Richmond. I teach special events and free classes with Lululemon in various locations across London. Look out for these events on my social media.

Corporate Yoga & Private Classes

I teach yoga in the workplace and I customise my classes to the needs of the company and employees.

Prior to teaching yoga l I worked in a corporate environment as a Learning & Development Consultant and still work ad hoc in this industry. I understand the pressures; mentally, emotionally and physically that one can face in the corporate world and how creating a work life balance can be a challenge. I am able to provide a space for you to take time out of the daily stresses and turn your office space into a zen zone.

I also offer private yoga classes, working on a one to one basis offering tailor made sessions to meet the individual needs of the client. The opportunity to work on yourself in the comfort of your own space and in a suitably designated time, you decide!

To book a corporate or a private yoga class please contact me.